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Monday, May 23, 2011

Chicago Bus Radar Demo Video and Updates

I uploaded a demonstration video of a recent release of Chicago Bus Radar.

The demonstration video shows how the application works on both a Desktop and iPad/iPhone.

You can view the demonstration here:

On another note last night I updated the application to show a search radius box and auto-zoom based on the search radius selected. This update allows you to see visibly what the search radius was. Because this application is using a bounding box search pattern, it is a square and not a circle. You can see the latest screenshot below.

The next update I'm mulling is adding click events to the bus's in the data table. This would allow you to click on one of the bus times in the data grid, and on the integrated Google Map the marker would popup information or become highlighted so you can see exactly which stop it is.

Anyway, thanks for reading and please feel free to provide me some feedback on the application via this blog's comments or my twitter feed (@corycowgill).

Note: I introduced a bug if your in a location with 0 buses. The Google Map won't initialize properly and won't display. I'm targeting a fix for tonight 5/23/2011.  Thanks @shobyabdi for finding the bug!