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Monday, June 13, 2011

Google Charts API and

Recently I created an open-source project for integrating Google Charts API and to create custom dashboards. The project is a Visualforce component that leverages a custom Apex Controller, a custom dashboard record object, and Google Charts API to dynamically generate charts. Its pretty simple and can be used out of the box via "clicks not code". The codebase could be extended upon for lots of different use cases if developers so desire.

Here is a demonstration video:
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And here is a code deep dive video:
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You can access the repository here:

Hope you find some uses for this!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'll be presenting at Dreamforce 2011!

Update: The session went great!  Thanks to all who attended, it was a packed audience! Here is the YouTube Video if you couldn't attend Dreamforce:

I am very honored to announce that I have been chosen to present a developer session at Dreamforce 2011 in San Fransisco!

You can find me session on the Dreamforce website here:

If you have trouble finding it, here is the description on the site.

HTML 5 and Geo-Location Using Visualforce and Apex
As the popularity of mobile computing rises, so does the importance of location-based data. Join us to see how you can easily combine Visualforce, Apex, and a 3rd party Web services API to create a geo-location aware application. As an example, we'll study a custom application that locates the nearby bus times and bus stops for the Chicago Transportation Authority. We'll provide code walkthroughs and a demo, and you'll leave with all the tools necessary to build your own location-aware applications.
Speakers: Cory Cowgill, West Monroe Partners
I will be going over my / HTML5 application which you can access at  There will be code snippets, code walk-through, and lots of good material if your a developer. 

If your going to Dreamforce I'd love for you to register for my session! You can also follow my session in the Dreamforce Chatter application. Here is a direct URL for the session (note: you'll need to be a registered Dreamforce attendee to view):

I'll see you in San Francisco in August!