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Monday, January 10, 2011

Salesforce Spring 11 Release Update - Governor Limits

I just finished reading the Salesforce Spring 11 Release Notes and I am floored by the new updates. Some of my most frustrating headaches are getting alleviated. Not completely eliminated, but alleviated by a huge amount.

When I first started working on the Platform, coming from a J2EE background, I was instantly frustrated with the governor limits enforced on Apex code. Only 1000 records in all my SOQL queries in a Trigger context? Only 20 DML statements? It has been the most frustrating part of an otherwise simple development platform.

Well, in Spring 11, we are getting some huge updates!

First, all Apex code will now execute in a single context. Previously we had two context (Trigger, and Anonymous/Controller/Everything Else). These two context had their own governor limits, with the Trigger context being the most restrictive. Well, not anymore! All Apex code will now execute in one context! WOW.

And if thats not all, there's more!

Secondly, the total number of records in a context's SOQL queries has increased to 50,000! Yeah, 50,000! Previously in a Trigger you could only get 1,000. Thats 50 times the number of records!

Oh, and almost forgot. Full REST API is generally available!

Man, what an awesome release for developers.

Check out the full release notes here: Salesforce Spring 11 Release Notes